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Würth takes social responsibility

This extremely short sentence taken from the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany acts as a tremendous driving force within the Würth Group. Because Article 14 (2) continues:


As a family business, Würth takes social responsibility based on this deep-rooted conviction. Würth is committed to a vibrant cultural landscape at the regional, national, and international level, rises to social challenges, facilitates education designed to meet the needs of the future, and recognizes individuals who improve how we all live together.


Franz Marc
Green Study
1908, Würth Collection,
Inv. 18558

Franz Marc Green Study 1908, Würth Collection, Inv. 18558


works of art make up the Würth Collection

Art and culture give rise to fresh perspectives

“Art lets the soul breathe,” says Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, chairman of the supervisory board of the Würth Group. With this in mind, art and culture have been inextricably linked with Würth as a company from day one. They allow for an inspiring interplay with everyday working life.
The Würth Collection remains the focal point of all activities. Tt included more than 18,500 works of art at the end of 2022. The collection, assembled over a period of almost 60 years in parallel with the development of the global corporation, continues to develop with an eye to the future, enriched by a vast range of artistic, musical, and literary activities.

Museum Würth

Wondrous worlds-in-between in Museum Würth

Wondrous worlds-in-between in Museum Würth

From 22 January to 3 July 2022, visitors to Museum Würth in Künzelsau were able to marvel and immerse themselves in the retrospective at the large exhibition of works by Ugo Dossi, a participant in several Biennale and Documenta events. The works of the artist Edita Kadiric, also discovered by Carmen Würth for the collection, were presented in the “Cocoon” exhibition from 16 July to 13 November 2022. “Ox, donkey, elephant and kangaroo—Christmas cribs from Naples to Sydney in the Würth Collection” enchanted the public from 27 November 2022 onward.

Schwäbisch Hall
Kunsthalle Würth

"Sports, fun and games in the Würth Collection"

Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall devoted its major 2022 collection to the many facets of leisure. After all, leisure activities, be it in the form of sports or games, not only provide inspiration and exercise, they also play a key role in artistic creativity by providing freedom to think—as the approximately 200 works in the exhibition impressively highlighted.


The new home in the Holy Land—photographs of the German Temple Society 1868–1948

The new home in the Holy Land—photographs of the German Temple Society 1868–1948

In the 19th century, hundreds of people from the Württemberg region emigrated to the Holy Land. The Hirschwirtscheuer museum in Künzelsau resurrected their everyday life with around 100 historical photographs exhibited from 30 June 2022 to 19 February 2023.




Museum Würth 2, designed by David Chipperfield Architects, broke this record in November 2022.

Museo Würth La Rioja

Associated galleries

Museo Würth La Rioja celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2022, while Kunstlocatie Würth in ’s-Hertogenbosch was already marking its 20th anniversary. The associated galleries in Spain and the Netherlands are just two of a total of ten such galleries in European companies of the Würth Group. There are further galleries in Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Austria, and Switzerland (Arlesheim, Chur, and Rorschach). In 2022, they too once again delighted visitors with numerous temporary exhibitions.

Würth Philharmoniker

Classical music at Würth

Classical music at Würth

In the 2021/22 season, the Würth Philharmoniker orchestra once again captivated audiences in the sold-out seats of Carmen Würth Forum. Numerous outstanding international guests, including conductor Christian Thielemann and pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, shone in the world-class acoustics of the Reinhold Würth Hall. With their versatile repertoire, the Würth Philharmoniker orchestra was also sought-after for guest performances—for example, in May 2022 at the Liederhalle cultural and congress center in Stuttgart. The concert calendar for the 2022/23 season also promises to be spectacular: Highlights already include the two-day Beethoven concert cycle conducted by world-renowned piano virtuoso Rudolf Buchbinder.



loans from the Würth Collection were on display in 55 institutions in 14 countries in 2022.

Museum Würth 2

Würth collection on the road

The Würth Collection also made guest appearances at numerous other museums and public venues in 2022. David Hockney’s “Three Trees near Thixendale” from the collection met with selected landscapes from collections of the Berlin State Museums in the Gemäldegalerie from 9 April to 10 July 2022. In Berlin’s Bode Museum, the new presentation of Kunstkammer Würth, featuring masterpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, has been on display since summer 2022. In Salzburg, the Walk of Modern Art and the Würth Sculpture Garden at Arenberg Palace showcase contemporary art from Würth. At the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach am Neckar, Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s Dadaist poetry machine generated verbal art—also on loan from Würth.

Schwäbisch Hall
Würth Foundation

35th Tübinger Poetik-Dozentur

At the traditional kick-off event for the Tübinger Poetik-Dozentur (Tübingen Poetry Professorship), writers Ingo Schulze (Berlin) and Dževad Karahasan (Graz/Sarajevo) read at Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall on 13 November 2022. The Tübinger Poetik-Dozentur is a project organized by the charitable Würth Foundation at the University of Tübingen and is sponsored by Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. Since 1996, authors such as Susan Sontag, Günter Grass, Amos Oz, Jonathan Franzen, Juli Zeh, Christoph Ransmayr, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Siri Hustvedt, and Karl Ove Knausgård have been providing material for discussion and food for thought.

Carmen Würth Forum
Würth Foundation

The Notos Quartet received the 32nd Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland (JMD)

The Notos Quartet received the 32nd Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland (JMD)

Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Foundation, Maria Würth, Member of the Board of the Würth Foundation, and JMD President Johannes Freyer presented the award at Carmen Würth Forum on 26 September 2022. The prize was endowed with EUR 25,000 for the very first time.


News in brief

+++ At the 21st Würth Open Air event held on 24 June 2022 in Künzelsau, 7,500 festival fans celebrated the pop rock shows by Silbermond, Wincent Weiss, and Herbstbrüder. +++ The young violinist Sara Ispas was awarded the 8th Reinhold Würth Promotion Prize for the Violin of the Würth Foundation on 3 September 2022. +++ The Old Masters in the Würth Collection continued to draw visitors: Johanniterkirche in Schwäbisch Hall attracted over 625,000 visitors between its opening in 2008 and the end of 2022. +++ The “Kocherwerk–Haus der Verbindungstechnik” museum in Ernsbach, a project organized by the non-profit association Förderer des Schrauben- und Befestigungsclusters Hohenlohe e. V., received the iF Design Award 2022 in the Interior Design/Exhibition category and was recognized by the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects for “Exemplary Construction in 2016–2022.” +++



employees celebrated with partners.

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Surprise concert with Helene Fischer as a thank you:

The pop star sang at the employee party in Künzelsau on 25 June 2022. The anniversary celebration originally planned for 2020 to mark 75 years of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG was finally held in 2022.

Würth Foundation

13th Würth Prize for European Literature for Annie Ernaux

13th Würth Prize for European Literature for Annie Ernaux

“Shaking up the unjust order of the world a little”: French writer Annie Ernaux was honored with the 13th Würth Prize for European Literature in Künzelsau on 10 May 2022. Ernaux received the EUR 25,000 award “for her fearlessness and the clarity of her vision of society,” the jury said. Her work, in which the self is always an example of social and contemporary conditions, has revolutionized autobiographical writing.